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Life's too short to feel less than amazing!

*Please Note that Jenni Jo is on Maternity Leave until mid-2015*

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  • Rise & Roll-75 min $15
    This profoundly powerful total body exercise class is a great mix of YBR® Breathing techniques and body rolling flow routines. Did I mention that it feels like you've had a deep tissue massage? Yes, it's amazing stuff. What a perfect way to start the day, waking up our muscles and bones with the sunrise.
  • Body Rolling 101 Series-90 min $20
    Each class teaches the essentials of Yamuna® Body Rolling so that you can recreate this on your own, safely and confidently. Break negative patterns and feel amazing immediately! All other Yamuna Body Rolling Routines are based off of these fundamental routines. This is perfect for the brand new roller or for experienced rollers who are looking to refresh their knowledge.   Each 101 class focuses on a specific body part:  Shoulders-Spine-Legs-Hips-Knees-Chest/Neck.  Drop in for one or stay for the entire Series (discount applies if you commit to the Series)
  • Slow Your Roll-75 min $15
    Done by low light (or just by sunset if we're lucky!) on the floor, learn peaceful Zen Restorative YBR® poses that are each held for several cycles of breath. Calms the nervous system, fosters deep muscle & tendon tension release and provides profound bone stimulation. Perfect poses to be done during meditation, while watching your favorite movie, if you have low energy, right before bed or before you start your day. Yes, you can wear your pajamas!  Each class is enhanced with the aromatherapy of doTerra essential oils.



*Jenni Jo is on Maternity Leave until mid-2015*, Portland, OR