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  • Slow Your Roll-75 min
    Done by low light on the floor, learn peaceful Zen Restorative YBR® poses that are each held for several cycles of breath. Calms the nervous system, fosters deep muscle & tendon tension release and provides profound bone stimulation. 
  • Rise & Roll-75 min
    This profoundly powerful total body exercise class is a great mix of YBR Breathing techniques and body rolling flow routines.
  • Intro to Yamuna Body Rolling-90 min
    Learn ALL about:
    • Each of the Yamuna Balls & how they differ from one another
    • How to inflate & deflate with the Yamuna travel pump
    • Breathwork and it's relationship with the ball
    • How to balance on the balls & how to fall off the balls
    • Learn the areas to avoid 
    • Q&A
  • Slow Down Sunday Workshops-2 hours

    • Grow-A YBR Workshop for Gardeners $55
      Back, legs, arms, shoulders, knees.  What else bothers you after too much gardening?  We will cover it all so you can continue to grow!
    • Mother May I? A YBR Workshop for Moms $55
      Just for moms!  Mom's carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, so that's where we're going to start!  Learn how to ease the shoulders, reboot the system,  relieve headaches & aches from everything it takes to be a mommy!  
    • YBR for PMS $75
      Do you deal with PMS and cramps?  Are you looking for better ways to find comfort when you aren't comfortable?  
      Gold Ball is included in this workshop so you can continue to roll on your own.  
  • Yamuna® Body Rolling 1:1 Private Coaching


    • 1:1 Customized Body Rolling Coaching-90 min $120
      All about you!  Assisted Yamuna Body Rolling routines to help you achieve your goals.  Flexibility?  Faster recovery from your favorite sport?  Tension relief?  Pain relief?   Better posture?  All of the above?  I've got you covered in this nurturing and educational session.  


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