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*Please Note that Jenni Jo is on Maternity Leave until mid-2015*

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  • Weekly Yamuna® Body Rolling Classes

    Classes require the physical ability to get on the floor.  If you are unable to do so, please contact me in advance so that modifications can be made or a  Private 1:1 Coaching Session can be scheduled.  Plan to arrive a few minutes early and if you are new to Yamuna Body Rolling, you will need to complete an Informed Consent Waiver prior to class.  Please wear non-bulky clothes as they tend to get caught up in the Yamuna Balls.  Prepare to have fun and your first class is ONLY $5!
    • Rise & Roll-75 min $15
      This profoundly powerful total body exercise class is a great mix of YBR® Breathing techniques and body rolling flow routines. Did I mention that it feels like you've had a deep tissue massage? Yes, it's amazing stuff. What a perfect way to start the day, waking up our muscles and bones with the sunrise.
    • Body Rolling 101 Series-90 min $20
      Each class teaches the essentials of Yamuna® Body Rolling so that you can recreate this on your own, safely and confidently. Break negative patterns and feel amazing immediately! All other Yamuna Body Rolling Routines are based off of these fundamental routines. This is perfect for the brand new roller or for experienced rollers who are looking to refresh their knowledge.   Each 101 class focuses on a specific body part:  Shoulders-Spine-Legs-Hips-Knees-Chest/Neck.  Drop in for one or stay for the entire Series (discount applies if you commit to the Series)
    • Slow Your Roll-75 min $15
      Done by low light (or just by sunset if we're lucky!) on the floor, learn peaceful Zen Restorative YBR® poses that are each held for several cycles of breath. Calms the nervous system, fosters deep muscle & tendon tension release and provides profound bone stimulation. Perfect poses to be done during meditation, while watching your favorite movie, if you have low energy, right before bed or before you start your day. Yes, you can wear your pajamas!  Each class is enhanced with the aromatherapy of doTerra essential oils.
  • Yamuna® Body Rolling Coaching

    BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please email me: or call 503.453.6262 to make arrangements.  

  • Continuing Education Workshops

    Jenni Jo McLaughlin is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider - 451633-11.
    • Better Bodywork with the BodyCushions®
      This 8 hour Continuing Education NCBTMB Approved Course is designed to elevate your practice, set you apart from the competition and teach you the skills you need to prolong your career and create a loyal (and comfortable!) clientele. Master positioning techniques and draping skills: prone, supine, side-lying and pregnancy. Your work will take on new dimensions as you learn how to access muscles and joint mobility unable to be applied while on a flat surface. Discover through demonstration and hands-on application the difference the use of bodyCushions can make on your body mechanics as a practitioner. Working with a client in a supported, neutral position allows you to do greater therapeutic work at a fraction of your energy! Humans are NOT flat! So why should we be expected to relax on flat tables? Integrate this body support system into your practice and notice results immediately; not just in your clients, but in you as well. A perfect solution for: massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, even tattoo artists!
    • YBR® Self-Care Techniques for Massage Therapists
      This 12 hour Continuing Education NCBTMB Approved Course introduces the basics of Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®), a practical, powerful system that can keep massage therapists free from injury. Designed with the bodyworker's "hotspots" in mind, you will learn invaluable self-care techniques that will keep you in optimal health for doing what you do best, taking care of others. Topics covered in the workshop include: breath work, foot fitness, aligning the femurs & thigh muscles, pelvis & hip integrity & alignment, decompressing and stabilizing the lumbar spine, the rib cage, the back & sides of the body and of course, the hands & wrists!
      YBR® for Massage Therapists focuses on:
      • Self-assessment to determine which areas of the body are subject to too much impact and wear and tear
      • Aligning the bones in every area of the body, then aligning the muscles to the bones, thus keeping the body strong and avoiding breakdowns
      • Assessing the massage therapist’s working position; determining whether it is optimal for the therapist and finding more efficient and sustainable ways to position the body
      • Using YBR® as a practice tool to prevent and heal injuries and correct unhealthy work positions, so that the body remains properly aligned while working
      • Determining which routines will best prevent habitual work patterns from settling in and becoming calcified.



*Jenni Jo is on Maternity Leave until mid-2015*, Portland, OR