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  • Yamuna® Body Rolling Classes

  • Yamuna® Body Rolling 1:1 Private Coaching


    • 1:1 Customized Body Rolling Coaching-90 min $100
      All about you! 
    • Slow Down Sunday Workshops-3 hours

      • Slow Down Sunday $50
        This 3 hour personal retreat reveals the fundamentals of Yamuna Body Rolling, the basis for all other Body Rolling routines.   Learn how to heal yourself, on your own, anytime you feel like it!  Experiential anatomy, quiet time, deep relaxation and incredible stretching are just a few of the things you can expect to receive. 
  • Continuing Education Workshops

    Jenni Jo McLaughlin is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider - 451633-11.
    • Better Bodywork with the BodyCushions®
      This 8 hour Continuing Education NCBTMB Approved Course is designed to elevate your practice, set you apart from the competition and teach you the skills you need to prolong your career and create a loyal (and comfortable!) clientele. Master positioning techniques and draping skills: prone, supine, side-lying and pregnancy. Your work will take on new dimensions as you learn how to access muscles and joint mobility unable to be applied while on a flat surface. Discover through demonstration and hands-on application the difference the use of bodyCushions can make on your body mechanics as a practitioner. Working with a client in a supported, neutral position allows you to do greater therapeutic work at a fraction of your energy! Humans are NOT flat! So why should we be expected to relax on flat tables? Integrate this body support system into your practice and notice results immediately; not just in your clients, but in you as well. A perfect solution for: massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, even tattoo artists!
    • YBR® Self-Care Techniques for Massage Therapists
      This 12 hour Continuing Education NCBTMB Approved Course introduces the basics of Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®), a practical, powerful system that can keep massage therapists free from injury. Designed with the bodyworker's "hotspots" in mind, you will learn invaluable self-care techniques that will keep you in optimal health for doing what you do best, taking care of others. Topics covered in the workshop include: breath work, foot fitness, aligning the femurs & thigh muscles, pelvis & hip integrity & alignment, decompressing and stabilizing the lumbar spine, the rib cage, the back & sides of the body and of course, the hands & wrists!
      YBR® for Massage Therapists focuses on:
      • Self-assessment to determine which areas of the body are subject to too much impact and wear and tear
      • Aligning the bones in every area of the body, then aligning the muscles to the bones, thus keeping the body strong and avoiding breakdowns
      • Assessing the massage therapist’s working position; determining whether it is optimal for the therapist and finding more efficient and sustainable ways to position the body
      • Using YBR® as a practice tool to prevent and heal injuries and correct unhealthy work positions, so that the body remains properly aligned while working
      • Determining which routines will best prevent habitual work patterns from settling in and becoming calcified.
  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy-By Appointment Request Only

    In my world, massage therapy is not just a massage, but an overall experience. It's my goal to raise the bar on yours and deliver to you an exceptional treatment.  All massages are a luxurious blend of Thai, Swedish, Hawaiian and Eastern Massage techniques fused into a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience.  Each customized session includes heat therapy, aromatherapy and intuitive stretching and is dramatically enhanced with the comfort of the bodyCushion® support system which allows for the ultimate in comfort and postural alignment. I am a non-gratuity business.  Payment is handled before your massage session so that when your appointment comes to a close, you can enjoy your Zen-state as long as possible and not have to fiddle with money.  
    Please allow for 10 minutes BEFORE your appointment to complete your Intake Form and review your health history if you haven't emailed my your Form in advance.  This will NOT cut into your appointment time.  A 10 minute post-session "nap" is included and is on top of your 2 hour hands-on appointment. Please let me know BEFORE the session if you wish to take advantage of this time or if you would prefer to pass.
    • Tension Tamer Treatment-2 hours $165
      Experience the triple powers of Yamuna® Body Rolling, therapeutic massage therapy & heated bodyCushions® rolled up into one superior body care session! Customized hands-on YBR® routines are applied with you in a relaxed, passive state. It's one thing to roll on your own but to get rolled, well, it's divine! Follow this up with a therapeutic massage session with all the bells and whistles included: heated bodyCushions®, aromatherapy & heat therapy. Think of this as a total body overhaul and a system reboot.
    • The Tension Tamer Deluxe-3 hours $215
      Same as the Tension Tamer Treatment, but with an additional hour. 
      Warning: You may need a ride home. 
    • 75 min Massage Therapy $105
    • 90 min Massage Therapy $120
    • 2 hour Massage Therapy $150


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